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Classroom Rules and Procedures

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Classroom Rules and Procedures

Granite Valley Middle School

Mr. Brown – Room 107



Classroom Rules:

1. Come to class prepared with necessary materials on a daily basis.

2. Respect yourself and others.

3. Have a positive attitude and be willing to learn.   

4.  No cell phones in class (unless permission granted by Mr. Brown for classwork). 

Classroom Procedures:

1.  Before Class (Homeroom):  Turn homework in during the morning homeroom time, otherwise it will be considered late.

2. Entering the Classroom: Enter the room quietly, take your seat, write down homework in your agenda, and begin your “Do Now” assignment from the board.  

3. End of Class: At the end of class, please remain in your seat. I will dismiss you.  

4. Listening To/Responding to Questions/Discussions: Everyone has the right to be listened to when they are speaking. If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, please raise your hand and wait to be called on. Please do not speak while someone else is speaking.  Please use appropriate and respectful language in the classroom. Do not use negative words, speak positively about other classmates and what we are studying.    

5. When You Need Help:  If you are having difficulty with an assignment, please ask for help.  I am also available before school, and after school on most Mondays and Wednesdays.  It is your responsibility to ask for help when needed.

6. Bathroom Passes: You will need to sign out and sign back in any time you leave the room.  To use the bathroom also take the lanyard with you.  You will not be allowed to use the bathroom during directions or the first 10 minutes of class.  Do not ask me to go to the bathroom, just sign out during an appropriate time.

7. When You Finish Early: If you finish your work early, find a National Geographic article to read that is of interest to you.  At times there may be opportunities to study as well.

8.  Turning in Classwork:  Make sure all work has your name, date, and block written at the top.  Before turning in classwork, have a classmate check your work for completeness and neatness. 

9.  Absences/Make-up Work: If you are absent from class, you are responsible for obtaining assignments and notes when you return.

10.  Academic Expectations:  It is expected that you work hard and put in your best effort on all assignments.  Grades of 70 and below will be redone, corrected, or retaken.  Turn in your work on time.  Missing work is not acceptable. 

Incentives and Consequences:

It is important that you respect and follow the classroom rules and procedures on a daily basis. There will be appropriate rewards for following the guidelines explained above, as well as appropriate consequences for not following the classroom rules and procedures.  


It is important to have a positive, comfortable learning environment. Students will be rewarded for several things in class, such as: having a positive attitude, helping another student, being polite, trying something new, good grades, improvement, or many other things.  A “Geographer of the Week” chosen in class each week will then get to pick from the prize bin.  At the beginning of the year random tickets will be also given for positive behaviors and entered into a weekly drawing for a variety of prizes from the bin.


My behavior expectations for you are high. If I feel that your behavior is inappropriate for class or you are not following the classroom rules and procedures the following consequences will be utilized with the understanding that student input is an important part of moving forward:

1. First Offense:  Student and Mr. Brown will discuss/review classroom rule expectations.   

2. Second Offense:  Student and Mr. Brown will discuss the impacts on others and ways to correct the behavior.

3. Third Offense:  Student and Mr. Brown will discuss ways in which to move forward to possibly include detention, parent notification, apology to classmate, meeting with classmates, or other agreed upon action.

4. Further Offense:  May include a conference with parents, referral to the office/guidance, or other such action that will ensure all involved understand the issues and concerns and allow the student to improve and move forward. 

*Severe disregard for school or classroom guidelines (i.e. fighting), will result in an automatic referral to the office.  





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