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Social Studies Syllabus

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Mr. Brown – Room 107

Email:  brownk@monsonschools.com

Phone:  413-267-4155 ext. 1074


Welcome to 7th Grade World Geography!  We are going to learn a lot about our world this year while working towards a better understanding of a variety of concerns and making it a better place. 


1.  Folder

2.  Notebook

3.  World Atlas

4.  Flash drive

5.  Pencils and colored pencils

6.  Textbook – Geography:  The World and Its People

7. Class website: http://mrbrownsworld.pbworks.com



This seventh grade course will provide an overview of world geography continent by continent.  Location, place, human interaction with the environment, movement and region will be some of the important concepts examined throughout the year.  Physical and political geography, economics, and government systems will be included in the study of these concepts.  Map skills and analysis of present day issues/current events will be key components as well.   



Each class period will consist of a beginning review session and an introduction to the day’s lesson.  Afterwards, the main part of the period will consist of work with maps, research, analysis of cultures, current events and problems, group projects, videos, etc.  The creation of student generated maps for quizzes will also be an important part of this class for students.  Finally, each class will conclude with a review of the day’s material.  Student input such as questions, comments, and debate are expected.  



There will be numerous in class activities examining geographic concepts, review exams for each continent, several partner projects, various written assignments, and a community service project.



• Exams/Projects: 30%

• Class Participation/ In class assignments: 30%

• Quizzes/Miscellaneous Assignments: 20%

• Homework: 10%

• Community Service Project: 10%



• Come to class prepared with necessary materials on a daily basis.

• Respect yourself and others.

• Have a positive attitude and be willing to learn.   

• No cell phones in class (unless permission granted by Mr. Brown for classwork)



• Questions, concerns, and problems should be brought to my attention immediately. 

• I do not accept missing work (zeroes!).  Any assignment missed or not turned in will be made up!

• Assignments that receive a grade of 70 or below will be redone/corrected.

• Late work will be penalized 5% for each day late.

• Cheating will result in parent notification and completion of a replacement assignment. 







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